Nordic Spirit Classics Second Friday Series – Friday, September 9

Trolls: A Retrospective
Episode IV: “Trolls of the Millennium”

By Britte Rasmussen Marsh

As Scandinavian immigrants set sail for new beginnings on the North American continent, so too do their troll stowaways. Trolls globalized and commercialized in the new Contemporary Era. Sometimes their shape and form resurged as nostalgically Nordic, other times they were redefined to reflect the cultural landscape of changing times. In any case, trolls dispersed along with the rapid expansion of media and found their germination through film, sculpture, marketing, gaming, and the arrival of the Internet Age. What does it mean now to be a 21st century troll? Why do trolls still resonate across demographics, and what’s next?

By Britte Rasmussen Marsh, writer, educator, and researcher from Portland, Oregon

Britte Rasmussen Marsh

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