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SACHF and the Scandinavian Center at CLU are resources for the entire Scandinavian American community, created for you and yours to use and enjoy. SACHF is an independent membership organization that is dependent for its existence on members and volunteers. We invite you to become a member.

Since the early ’70s, thousands of Scandinavians have been entrusting SACHF with memorabilia, artifacts and valued books, audio visual materials and heirlooms to be preserved and used by students, scholars and researchers and the general public. They tell the stories of Scandinavian immigrants and their descendants. They are the treasures of our common cultural heritage and send a priceless gift to your children, your grandchildren and future generations. We need your help as members and volunteers to ensure that the gift will be delivered.

Over the years, SACHF has received cooperation and favorable terms from California Lutheran University for use of its facilities, but the cost of all we do must be borne by individuals and organizations of the Scandinavian community. Our volunteers are energetic and enthusiastic and our membership is growing. Our programs are reaching out to new friends from around the West and elsewhere, and we are outgrowing our Scandinavian Center. In time, there will be a greater museum/library complex to serve the millions of contemporary Scandinavian Americans who appreciate their heritage.

But for now, we ask that you become a SACHF member and choose a level of giving that truly reflects your personal appreciation, your love and deep pride in your Nordic heritage, whether Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian or Swedish. Please mail your membership now, using the application below.

Numerous lodges and organizations participate as Sponsors. Please encourage your lodge to become a supporting Sponsor.

SACHF is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation and may provide important tax advantages for individuals and their heirs who make property and financial donations. It is a most appropriate institution for those who wish to memorialize loved ones, friends and achievers.